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Half of Episode 1, Season 2

Episode 1, season 2, from a little over halfway in. For pascie, so she can watch tomorrow. The rest of this one will be transcribed and posted after I finish transcribing and posting episodes 1 to 4 (fyi, it's all transcribed except half of 4, but I need to check medical terms and reformat a bit).


Start of the surgery

Derek: That’s as far as I can go for now. Let’s start cooling him.

(Packets of ice are placed on Joe. Cut to the gallery, which is pretty full.)

Bailey: Can’t see much from back here, O’Malley.

George: I know, I’m trying to find a loophole to try and help Joe. You know Joe?

Bailey: Yeah. I was the only female intern in my year. I didn’t know anybody and nobody knew me, except Joe. He knew me.

George: Oh. So, uh…you and Joe?

Bailey: All you people ever think about is how to get into somebody’s pants. You nasty (hits him upside the head). That’s why you got syphilis. Joe was the first person here to tell me I’d make a good surgeon – not that he knew anything about it. But it was something, and I had nothing.

Alex: Oh, sure, I’m the guy with the heart of stone, and you brought snacks.

Izzie: It’s a working lunch.

Alex: Snacks to watch Joe die.

Izzie: He’s not going to die-die, they’ll bring him back.

Alex: He is going to die-die. No pulse-pulse, he’s going to be dead-dead.

Izzie: It’s a granola bar, Alex, not a bag of super-size popcorn and a box of chocolate movie mints.

George: That’s it. Dead. (stands up and leaves)

(Cut to pregnant woman going into surgery.)

Addison: Julie, we’re just going to go in laproscopically, you’re not going to feel anything, and neither are the twins. Okay, let’s get going! Ten blade. Begin with a three millimetre incision…

(Cut to Joe’s surgery. All of the surgeons/nurses/whoevers look like they’re cold too)

Burke: We stop the blood flow…

Cristina: To protect the brain, we operate in a bloodless field so the aneurysm won’t rupture.

Burke: And cool the body…

Cristina: Uh, to induce hypothermia, it keeps the tissue viable until the blood is restored.

Man: Body temp is at sixty degrees.

Burke: Okay, Joe. Time to die.

(Equipment is adjusted. Joe flatlines.)

Nurse: Flatline.

Derek: All right. We’ve got forty-five minutes, people.

Burke: Start the clock.

Nurse: Got it (starts a timer).

(Cut to 18mins into the surgery)

Derek: (to Burke) So what’s your Joe story? Seems like everybody around here has one.

Burke: You first.

Derek: Okay, so I went to Joe’s place the night before I started working here. I’d only been in town, you know a few days and there was this woman. I got drunk and she took advantage of me…or she got drunk and I took advantage of her. I got drunk and she took – no. We were drunk, definitely, somebody took advantage. Either way, I like to look at it as my initiation into Seattle. What about you?

Burke: Oh, I don’t have one, I just wanted to hear yours.

(Cut to George, on the phone).

George: So technically the paperwork just needs to be submitted by midnight the day of the surgery to be considered? Oh good, thank you very much. Thanks.

(Cut to pregnant lady surgery)

Addison: How you doing there, Grey?

Meredith: Good. I’m good.

(Cut to gallery.)

Alex: You know, I’m very sweet once you get to know me.

Izzie: No you’re not.

Alex: We could be good friends.

Izzie: Alex, never. Ever. Ever.

Alex: Why not?

Izzie: Well, give me one reason why we could. What about you is even remotely human?

Alex: It’s going too slowly.

Izzie: I hope Joe can pull through this.

Alex: He can. He will. He has to.

(Izzie gives him a funny look. He’s not being sarcastic.)

Derk over the microphone: Damnit.

Bailey: Uh-oh.

Derek: I can’t get the clamp to hold. (cut to the surgery) Give me the bipolars, I’m going to go in at a different angle.

Burke: Time remaining?

Cristina: Seventeen minutes.

Burke: Shepherd, we’re going to need eight minutes to get him back, to warm him up.

Derek: I’m trying to make the next seventeen minutes count. Right, go in through there. See it? See, that’s why I can’t take it right there…

(Cut to Webber’s room)

George: He’s dead. Technically, which is science, and this is a huge thing, so I thought, some research foundation has to have an interest in that.

Webber: So in essence, you want to donate Joe’s body to science.

George: At least for the next 17 minutes.

Webber: Privately funded grant.

George: For educational purposes. We’re a teaching hospital. The standstill surgery qualifies.

Webber: I didn’t peg you for the type to ignore my instructions, O’Malley.

George: With all due respect, sir, it’s worth a shot. This is someone’s life.

Webber: It’s always someone’s life, O’Malley. (pause) You’re hovering. You can leave now.

George: Okay.

Cut to Joe’s surgery. The timer has hit 37mins.

Nurse: Eight minutes.

Burke: We need to start re-warming him, Shepherd.

Derek: Take the bipolars, please, thank you.

Burke: Shepherd, we need to start warming him up, now.

Derek: Hang on.

Burke: Now, I need it now, Shepherd.

Derek: I can’t seem to get – I just can’t get behind the aneurysm. If I could get behind the aneurysm, I could just – agh, there it is. Got it. That’s it.

Burke: Are you sure?

Derek: I’m always sure. All right, good work everybody. He’s all yours there, chief.

Burke: Okay people, let’s grab Joe before he decides to go into the light. Start warming him up. (all of the equipment is being readjusted) Clamps are coming…off. Turn the pump on. Watch the cerebral diffusion pressure.

Okay, this bit gets fuzzy. My copy screws up the next forty seconds. We cut to Burke and Webber talking. Webber gives Burke a big lecture on responsibility and what it’s like being chief of surgery. Then we cut to Burke and Cristina in an on-call room. Cristina’s come in really pumped from the surgery and asks Burke about the reservations he’d made. He starts talking about how he wants to break it off.

Cristina: (not angry, more blindsided) Oh, you’re ending this?

Burke: I think it’s best to make a clean break?

Cristina: Okay.

Burke: Before it gets too involved. Before it gets -

Cristina: Messy. Right, right. That would be bad.

Burke: It’s nothing personal.

(Cristina shakes her head a little and musters up a bit of a smile as if to say, no, I know. The words really don’t do justice to this scene, but it’s hard to describe it, because she looks upset and unusually vulnerable, but simultaneously puts up a front that is good enough to fool Burke (at least mostly). Burke sounds a little emotional, too, but he’s doing the dumping, so he’s calmer.)

Cut to Webber, fussing with his pillow, holding the form and a pen. George is hovering outside.

Webber: Get in here, O’Malley.

George: Okay, I tried, I really tried, but there’s a lot of stuff happening out there. Stuff I can’t tell you, stuff I won’t tell you. It – it’s just crazy stuff. Stuff I’m going to have nightmares about. But I’m not going to tell you about any of it. Because it doesn’t matter. Not when there’s a guy out there who we all know and love, who’s going to be bankrupt because he needed a surgery to save his life, and I spent the whole day working on it.

Webber: O’Malley –

George: Let me finish! You’re wrong, sir. And you can fire me, or bring me up on disciplinary action or whatever. I’m telling you, Joe deserves –

Webber: Deserves our help. Couldn’t help yourself, could you, whether or not it’d win you any points, even from me. I signed your request. Give it to Patricia, she’ll know what to do with it. Looks like Joe may keep his bar after all.

George: Thank you sir (goes to leave).

Webber: O’Malley.

George: Yes?

Webber: Yell at me again, and I’ll snap you like a twig.

George: Yes sir. (leaves)

(Cut to Addison, pregnant woman and Meredith, apres-surgery)

Addison: See? Just a small scar.

Julie: And… my babies?

Addison: Your babies are doing very well. And Dr. Grey will be back to check on you a little bit later.

Julie: Actually, I’d prefer it if Dr. Grey were taken off the case.

Addison: Why, is there a problem?

Julie: She reminds me of someone I don’t like very much. Someone who my husband likes a lot. Particularly in lingerie. You understand.

Addison: No, no, I don’t understand.

Julie: Well, she is sleeping with your husband, right?

Addison: Ms Phillips. I lack Dr. Grey’s class and patience, so let me set the record straight. My husband didn’t cheat on me, I cheated on him, so the wronged woman here? Dr. Grey. So, I think you owe her one hell of an apology.

(She leaves and Meredith looks thoughtful. Cut to Derek and Meredith outside his trailer. For the record, I thought the dialogue and acting here was really average, until her last line. After Cristina and Burke, I was all set for a heart-wrencher)

Derek: One night, I parked my car, and unlocked my front door, go inside my house, and something’s different. Nothing’s different, everything’s the same, but yet still, something’s different. And I stand there for awhile. And then I know. See there are moments for me, you know, usually when I’m in the OR, when I just know what’s going to happen next. So I go upstairs, and as I’m walking to down the hall I’m trying to prepare myself for what I’m going to see when I go into my bedroom. I step on a man’s jacket that doesn’t belong to me, and everything I think I know, just shifts. Because the jacket is one that I recognise. And what I know now is that when I go into my bedroom, I’m not just going to see that my wife is cheating on me. I’m going to see that my wife is cheating on me with Mark, who happened to be my best friend. It was just so pedestrian. Common and dirty and cruel. Mostly just cruel. I left and came out here.

Meredith: And you met me.

Derek: And I met you.

Meredith: Well, what was I to you? The girl you screwed to get over being screwed?

Derek: You were like coming up for fresh air. It’s like I was drowning and you saved me. (shrugs) That’s all I know.

Meredith: (thinks for a moment or two, looks at him) It’s not enough.

(she gets in her car and leaves, he stands but doesn’t try to stop her, and turns away as she leaves. I think he mouths ‘fuck’.)

Meredith VO: They say that practice makes perfect. (cut to her driving) Theory is, (cut to Burke in the on-call room, looking at the door) the more you think like a surgeon, the more you become one. (cut to Derek pacing) The better you get at remaining neutral. Clinical. Cut, suture, close. (cut to Izzie filling out forms. She watches Alex pull up a chair in Joe’s room) And the harder it becomes to turn it off,

Joe: Thought I might see your ugly mug in here tonight. You hear the good news?

(Alex gets up and walks closer)

Meredith VO: to stop thinking like a surgeon,

Alex: O’Malley! (George looks understandably confused, glances at Izzie, who shrugs. He goes into Joe’s room.) I heard what you did, champ. (Alex hugs him. A big, fat, real, proper hug.)

Meredith VO: and remember what it means to think like a human being (George is freaked but pats Alex on the back. Izzie smiles. Cut to Cristina entering Joe’s bar. She sits down next to Meredith. They sit in silence for a few moments.)

Cristina: The clinic has a policy. They wouldn’t let me confirm an appointment unless I designated an emergency contact person. Someone to be there just in case, and to help me home, you know, after. Anyway, I put your name down. That’s why I told you I’m pregnant, you’re my person.

Meredith: I am?

Cristina: Yeah, you are. Whatever.

Meredith: Whatever.

Cristina: He dumped me.

(Meredith puts an arm around her and rests her head on Cristina’s shoulder)

Cristina: (voice cracking up a bit) You realise this constitutes hugging?

Meredith: Shut up. I’m your person.


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